Author: Bill Lazarus

Tripartite Agreement Executed

QADO Ventures and Airlie Energy are pleased to announce a tripartite agreement with gTET to deliver waste heat recovery and waste-to-energy technology solutions  to Airlie Energy and  QADO Ventures projects and development opportunities.

About gTET

An Australian, privately owned technology based business specialising in developing and implementing thermal energy management solutions for business that are optimised for performance and economics. 

gTET’s revolutionary technology offers savings and environmental benefits across three business streams:

  • Solid waste to energy
  • Waste heat to energy
  • Waste to heat

gTET’s thermodynamics specialists have experience and capabilities in technologies that include refrigeration, waste heat recovery, ORC power generation, cogen/trigen and heat transfer with product and services across a wide range of clients and industries.

 About Airlie Energy

Airlie Energy is a developer of innovative energy projects providing network benefits to a challenged Australian energy market in the renewables transition.

The company invests in the development and ownership of a portfolio of unique energy assets utilising complementary traditional, renewable, and low emissions energy sources.  The approach recognises the intrinsic value of scalable, synchronous peaking capacity generation required to enable the global shift towards Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) to occur. 

About QADO Ventures

QADO Ventures is also an Australian based privately owned company with offices in Brisbane and London.  The company assesses, invests in, and takes to market emerging and proven technologies that complement and add value to its customers’ assets.  Of particular interest to the company are opportunities which produce breakthrough ESG outcomes in industry sectors struggling to transition in today’s world